There are numerous English training institutions in the Canadian market. Some of them are private and some are government-sponsored. Their missions are crystal clear - providing English skills training and integrating new immigrants into the Canadian society. The objective of these programs is great however the results are miserable - these programs are failing and a significant percentage of new immigrants have returned to their native countries due to the disappointing English training outcome.

Henry Li, the founder of MHK and a Queen's MBA, with years of management consulting experience at Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP, 6500 employees), identified this issue and recognized that new immigrants need to quickly master English communication skills and effectively understand Canadian culture. He clearly comprehends the success of language schools will be decided by whether these institutions can address the needs of their customers.

Although it is normal and reasonable for schools to have a certain failure rate, at MHK, the success of our students, or customers per se, is guaranteed. The credos of MHK are simple and straightforward - ascertain an issue, come up with solutions, implement them, and witness visible results. Many people can speak English fluently; however, knowing a language is vastly different from imparting the skills to others. Notably, MHK assists many freshmen who encounter huge academic difficulties and challenges, and fail in their first year, to successfully return to university with finely honed English competency and full confidence.

Treating each customer as a unique business case, we analyze their circumstances, provide solutions, implement them, and view the clear results. This is what MHK is, a vanguard of a new business  education consulting.