MHK International Learning Centres

Founded in September 2009, MHK International Learning Centres Inc., is a professional language school that dedicates itself to English and French immersion education. It helps students and adults quickly become integrated into the new environment.

MHK focuses on two areas. First, MHK devotes itself to enhancing the academic performance of students from grade 6 even up to university level. More importantly, MHK staff can build a strong level of trust among students, which enables learners to accept the teaching and learning philosophies of the school, and advance in the right direction quickly. Within a few months, MHK students can increase their vocabulary exponentially, and enhance their reading capabilities and writing skills greatly. Notably, MHK rigorously implements the school teaching philosophy, which is well-accepted by students and welcomed by parents.

Second, MHK is committed to helping adult students improve their English communication skills in order for them to adapt well in an English environment. For new immigrants, MHK offers intensive and effective English courses which are characterized by condensed but enriched course materials. As a result, the majority of our students can read, comprehend, listen and speak confidently after only four months of training. For professionals, MHK offers targeted and specialized courses to improve students communication capabilities, which facilitates their career path.

Henry Li, the founder of MHK, and a Queen MBA graduate, was an integral member of the senior executive team at Bombardier Recreational Products for four years. He has broad management consulting experience on a senior management level. With his dedication and professionalism, the success of students is guaranteed.

Additionally, MHK's highly competent staff can significantly minimize the language barriers for its customers. All of our courses are high-quality and taught by trained professionals. Our staff is passionate and committed to meeting the needs of each individual student. Our customers genuinely enjoy the learning experience at MHK.