Rose - Mother of George, a grade 10 student
I can't say enough how grateful I am for what you have done for George. He is having the best English class, the most responsible principle and the tutor. Thank you!

Michael - Freshman of University of Waterloo
Turning Point of My Life
A turning point of life, one of the most significant and enriched experiences, happens to everyone in different stages. It might convert the view how people see the world; and it might change the way how people treat each other and themselves. The turning point of my life happened last year when I realized I was not prepared for university thereafter took one year off to strengthen my academic skills and confidence.

The moment I stepped into the University of Waterloo, I was not attracted by various interesting activities but stressed out by the huge workload I had never experienced. After suffering for a few months, I realized that I did not have enough abilities and did not possess enough knowledge that I was supposed to have for that stage of my life. I also found out how cruel and brutal the reality was. I felt powerless and my confidence was tremendously diminished. After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to take a year off to bolster my academic competency, and then come back to school with enough confidence and better capabilities.

After convinced my parents, I dropped out and started one year self training. I began with improving my English since it is not my first language and it always stood in my way towards a higher accomplishment academically and socially. Fortunately, I found a great and responsible English teacher, whose name is Henry, an MBA graduate and used to work for a large company. He is a very professional and strict teacher, who taught me to read rapidly, speak fluently, and write good essays. In my learning process, I was really stressed by a huge amount of reading and writing. I also had to pass a vocabulary test every single week; therefore, I had to memorize around 200 new words every week. In four months, not only had I improved my English, but also had a better understanding on such subject as business at MHK. I had never studied so hard as this before. Having experienced the pain and given my best, I gained enough confidence and certain skill sets. Now I am ready to return to University of Waterloo.